Regular Markets

Beroun Beroun Open Markets
Famous markets selling items of all kinds.

Wednesdays and Saturdays 7-12 hod. Address: Husovo náměstí

Farmers Market

Beroun Beroun Open Markets
Small farmers market with vegetables, fruits, wooden baskets, pastry, etc. There are more stalls present on Tuesdays.
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 17. Address: Husovo náměstí

Christmas Market

Beroun Beroun Open Markets
Traditional Christmas open-air market held in the upper part of Husovo square. The market has seasonal items, food and drinks offered from wooden stalls. The stalls are surrounded by four Christmas trees, one for each of Beroun’s Elementary Schools.
Usually a roundabout for children and a synthetic ice skating rink are present.
The market also offers live entertainment on the stage. 

From the beginning of Advent to 23th December

Beroun Legends

Beroun Legends
Beroun, with its long history is of course full of supernatural beings. Within the town walls you are most likely to meet a little goblin Klepáček, Ohnivý Beha, several White ladies or a crowd of slaughtered monks.
The countryside around Beroun is full of water sprites, wisps, Dyma - the ruler of the local woods or Fabian - the sovereign of the Brdy mountains.

Here are the most famous legends:

About the Founding of Beroun
According to the legend, the town at the crossing of Mže river, was founded and named after Slavoš, husband of the mythical princess Teta and a brother in law of the famous princess Libuše.
The town was located near his wife´s hillfort in Tetín. Slavošov was soon deserted due to natural disasters and diseases. Only wild animals and bandits persisted in the town ruins. The bandits often robbed the travelers, and the place was soon called the dreadful Beroun ("taker") 
And how did the bear get to the city emblem? A brave hero once visited the desolated town. His name was Tomák. A huge furious bear run against him from the ruins of the town gate. Tomák killed the bear, expelled the bandits and reestablished the town. In memory of this event the bear became a part of the city emblem.

About Klepáček
The most famous of the Beroun´s spectres, the little goblin Klepáček, can be seen in the townhall building at Husovo square. He announces his presence by clapping and knocking, when there is an injustice or spuriousness. Most of all he hates the intrigues, financial machinations and frauds. He usually looks like a little goblin with a small hammer, but some have seen him as a troll with a frowny face or a beheaded man.
And where did this strange creature come from? It is a ghost of a righteous Beroun´s burgomaster, who refused to divulge and hand ove the city treasure to the enemy soldiers. They tortured him to death for it. They never managed to fing the treasure and the ghost of the burghomaster has been guarding it to these days. Nowadays he mostly oversees meetings and acts of the municipality, but he frequently visits the local breweries, where he checks the work of the brewers.

Ohnivý (Fiery) Beha 


About foundation of the church 

Spectres Na klášteře

White Lady of the Jenštejn House

Quick Look to Beroun History

Beroun Insight into History