Děd Hill Observation Tower

Beroun Observation Towers and Viewpoints
The Czech Tourist Club, assisted by the Decoration Society, built a 12 m high observation tower on the Děd hill, which is 492 m above sea level. 
The tower is made of stone in Neo-Gothic style with battlements and with 23 stone and 33 iron steps leading to its top. Nowadays, the tower is hidden in the tall trees around it.
The observation tower has been owned by the city since 2013 and it is freely accessible. Pay increased attention when climbing up the stairs, due to the bad condition of the staircase. Coordinates: 49.9675708, 14.03424

Museum of the Czech Karst

Beroun Sights and Attractions Museums & Galleries
The museum is located in the Jenštejnský and Salátovský houses, the most significant houses on the Husovo square.

The Jenštejn House is one of the historically oldest and architecturally most precious burgher´s houses in Beroun. At first glance it attracts by its Renaissance portal made of red limestone with the Latin sign: Benedic Domine Domum istam et omnes habitantes in ea. Henricus Cžižek de Genstein Gratae posteritati. Anno Domini 1612. (Lord bless this house and all the people staying inside. Jindřich Čížek of Jenštejn to his dear descendants. Anno Domini 1612)
It gained its Baroque appearance through its reconstruction after the town fire in 1735. The house with an arched passage to Slapská Street intervenes on the left side. 

The Salátovský House was bought by the rich burgher of Beroun Alžběta Salátová in 1643, at the time also owner of the neighbouring Jenštejn house. After a reconstruction following the town fire in 1735, the the house received a low Baroque gable over a high attico with two rectangular windows. A part of the gable collapsed in a storm in 1967 and subsequent repairs changed the appearance of the gable. In terms of the construction adaptations in the late 1990s, Salátovský House was interconnected with Jenštejn House.

The Museum of the Czech Karst offers permanent exhhibitions such as The History of Crafts in Beroun, 18th and 19th Century Arms in the Beroun Region, Living Nature and Caves of the Czech Karst, short terms s exhibitions and an outdoor exhibition of Barrandien Geopark.
The interior of the Pilsen Gate offers a permanent exhibition on the history and architecture of the gate and the entire fortification system, and a breath-taking view from the gate ambit. Address: Husovo náměstí 87, Beroun

Točník Castle

Točník Castles and Chateaus
The castle was established by the King Wenceslas IV. as a seat of the Czech King and the Holy Roman Emperor. It is designed as a grand and representative structure with progressive architectural elements.
The castle has never been conquered from the outside, but it was destroyed from the inside by locals who were hiding here during The Thirty Years' War.
Since the 18th century the romantic setting of the castle ruins attract many visitors.

by car 21 km

on foot 21 km

by bike 19 km Coordinates: 49.8906097, 13.8872011

Amerika Quarries

Mořina Nature Attractions
Amerika Quarries is an common name of limestone quarries, connected with underground tunnels. The most significant are Velká Amerika, Malá Amerika ad Mexiko an several more quarries hidden in the woods. The quarries are located near the Mořina village in the Czech Karst and are a property of Lomy Mořina ltd. The yellow tourist trail leads by the quarries. 
The quarries are private property and it is prohibited to enter any of them (including fishing and bathing). Be careful when approaching the quarries, leaving the marked trail can be dangerous.

by car15 km

on foot/ by bike 15 km Coordinates: 49.9601642, 14.1997953

Máminka Observation Tower

Hudlice Observation Towers and Viewpoints
The observation tower was opened in 2015 together with an educational trail Krušná Hora - Hudlický vrch. The 33 metres high trialgle shaped wooden construction is located on the top of the Krušná Hora hill in 606 metres above the sea level.
The observation deck is 21 m high. The shortest way to the tower is from park place "Na Vartě" (GPS: 49.9552522N, 13.9232533E) Coordinates: 49.9633353, 13.9299669