Beroun For Children Regular Events
Advent programme in Beroun starts on the first Advent Sunday by an afternoon live program on the stage at Husovo square, followed by lighting up a Christmas tree. 
Till 23rd December can Beroun inhabitants enjoy live programmes on the stage organized by MKC Beroun in cooperation with Beroun Municipality and local clubs. 
Traditionally a Christmas market and other attractions such as a roundabout, a synthetic ice skating rink and a hand carved wooden Nativity Scene are present on the square.

Karlštejn Mini ZOO

Karlštejn For Children Nature Attractions
Exotic animals such as a white lion Leon, camel, llamas, bisons, zebras, donkeys, Shettland ponnies, ostriches, etc.
Apart from the lions and tigers, leopards and marmosets can be seen here. Coordinates: 49.9310103, 14.1845803

Children Playroom Rambajs

Beroun For Children Gastronomy
A café and an indoor playground for samller kids. An outside area with a sand pit, a wooden house with a slide.
Homemade lemonades, delicious cakes from a family run patisserie Panenka, ice cream sundae,... Address: Vrchlického 867, Beroun Phone: (+420) 607 062 905 Coordinates: 49.9650458, 14.0729719
café sweetshop playroom

Animal Park Zvířátkov Olešná

Olešná u Hořovic For Children Nature Attractions
You can see various animal species, such as foxes, wild boars, goats, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. at the Animal Park. The place offers free time activities for kids, who can learn how to look after animals.

Bowling Sport Bar

Beroun For Children Sports
Three lanes plus one lane for children. Billiard, Carom, table football, large screen TV,... Address: Husovo náměstí 36, Beroun Phone: (+420) 311 625 844 Coordinates: 49.9640008, 14.0753231