Lesní Panorama - Velíz Educational Trail

Kublov Educational Trails and Prilgrimage Routes
This educational trail leads on the hillside of the sacred hill Velíz (named after the pagan God Veles)
There is a beautiful view of the Brdy and Křivoklát hills. The trail is 2,5 km long. Follow the yellow marked tourist trail from the Kublov village. You can visit the Velíz hill with a cemetery and a church dating back to 13th century. Coordinates: 49.9423183, 13.8994475

Liteň Town Educational Trails

Liteň Educational Trails and Prilgrimage Routes
THE GREEN TRAIL - will show you the former Liteň synagogue, inform about significant inhabitants of the town, you will see the Liteň and Vlence Chateaus. The trail leads to Běleč village and back. 

THE YELLOW TRAIL - leads to Leč village to Pustý pond via a deer-park and jewish cemetery.

THE BLUE TRAIL - informs about the Liteň train station, Čechovna - a place once owned by the Daubek family and their tomb on the local cemetery.

THE RED TRAIL - leads to the view points of the landscape. You will see Leč, Svinaře, Hodyně, Hatě and Korno villages. Coordinates: 49.9039439, 14.147325

Geological Adventure Path "In the Footsteps of Trilobites"

Skryje Educational Trails and Prilgrimage Routes
The geological/palaeontological educational path has two parts - an informational and adventurous near Skyje town. The path is recommended for families with children. The main part of the path leads through Skryjsko-Týřovické kambrium Nature Reserve. The trail starts at Skryje museum and end at a parking area near the church. The overall length of the trail is 2,5 km. The trail features comic books style informational pannels, a jungle gym, view points, and even a chance to find a petrifact yourself in a detritus above the Skryje bridge. Coordinates: 49.9646086, 13.7658664

Celtic Oppidum Educational Trail

Stradonice Educational Trails and Prilgrimage Routes
The educational trail is located in place of a former celtic oppidum above Stradonice village. It consists of 6 pannels, that inform visitors about history of this Celtic oppidum and Celtic nation, the archeological research and items found here. The trail lenght is 4 km. Coordinates: 49.998845, 14.0004453

Geological Educational Path

Educational Trails and Prilgrimage Routes
The path explains the geological importance of the western part of the Czech Karst. It was built in 1999 and renewed in 2007. It consists of 17 informational pannels. the path starts in Hlásná Třebaň and leads to Karlštejn, Velká Ameriky quarry, Špičatý vrch near Loděnice, Svatý Jan pod Skalou, and goes on to Hostim, Srbsko, Koda, Tobolka, Zlatý kůň to Suchomasty.
The trail is 39 km long, and because of that, visitors can choose to visit only some of the places or to choose their own order of visiting the places. 
The path is suitable for cycling too.