St. Liborius Chapel

Stradonice Church Monuments
This originally wooden chapel dating back to 1685 was converted into a stone branch church. The church is located next to a cemetery, which was founded in 1721. In August 1877, a son of Libor Lébr, the gravedigger, found a pot with two hundred celtic coins. This discovery brought fame to the Stradonice village and started a gold rush. Coordinates: 49.9943017, 14.0196658

Through the Heart of the Czech Karst Educational Trail

Srbsko Educational Trails and Prilgrimage Routes
The trail starts in the Srbsko village and ends near the Kačák and Berounka confluence. The first pannel is located in the centre of the Srbsko village, on the eastern side of the bridge over the Berounka river (GPS: 49°56'11.821"N, 14°8'0.632"E). There are two other starting points of the trail located on a crossroad called Propadlé vody, where the trail joins Svatojánský Circuit Educational Trail (GPS: 49°57'59.418"N, 14°8'33.482"E) and (GPS: 49°56'54.836"N, 14°7'39.949"E) for those who start in Beroun an would like to join the trail from the opposite direction. Coordinates: 49.9366169, 14.1335089

Hvězdárna Žebrák

Žebrák For Children Nature Attractions Other Address: Pivovarská ulice, Žebrák

Viewpoint of Karlštejn

Karlštejn Observation Towers and Viewpoints
A yellow marked hiking trail from the Karlštejn town or from the opposite direction from Hlásná Třebaň will lead you to this viewpoint with an amazing view of the Karlštejn Castle.  Coordinates: 49.9362658, 14.1943942

Svatý Jan pod Skalou Infocentre

Svatý Jan pod Skalou Information Centres
In the former rectory building on 26th September 2020 was a new information centre opened. It will provide visitors with information about the Czech Karst and the Beroun region.