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There are over100 e-bikes at in Beroun, other can be found in Králův Dvůr, Hýskov and Tetín.
Available bikes can be found HERE.

  • using a smartphone - Get the nextbike app, register via smartphone and enjoy bikes all around the world. Your account is activated through card verification. Up to 4 bikes can be rentet on one account. Open your app, choose "Rent a bike" and scan bike QR code. The bike opens automatically and you can enjoy the ride. 
  • without a smartphone - register and activate your account at To rent a bike call the customer sevice and they will unlock the bike for you. To return the bike, just return the bike to the station and pul down the locking lever. 

Thanks to Tipsport Foundation the first 15 mins are free.  máte prvních 15 minut jízdy zdarma. Then you pay 30 CZK per 30 minutes, or 300 CZK per day. There are monthly and yearly tariffs as well. Monthly tariff costs 390 CZK/month, yearly tariff 1900 CZ/year.
First 30 minutes free for every ride / after that standard city rate for the monthly and yearly tariffs.

For additional questions call the customer centre of Nextbike Czech Republic 581 652 047 (9:00 – 17:00).

More information can be found on

EuroVelo 4 - trasa střední Evropou

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