About the Town

About the Town
Let's start with a quick test - what comes to your mind, when you hear the word “Beroun”? For sure the bears, Pottery open markets... and what else? A welcome stop for paddlers, after the exhausting trip in the lazy stream of the Berounka river? A highway exit on Prague – Pilsen route?
That is all correct, but the picturesque royal town, located in the rolling landscape west of Prague, offers much more, that deserves to be discovered!
Beroun is worth visiting in any season of the year. You can visit the historical sights, museum and galleries, visit bears from the popular TV series, enjoy the hospitality of some of the cafés, sweet shops, restaurants or pubs, have fun in local aquapark....
After visiting the town, you can hike or ride a bike in any direction and within a couple of minutes you will find yourself in a beautiful landscape of deep forests, rocks and cliffs, where fossils can be found and meadows with stunning distant views.
Beroun has something to offer for everyone – omnipresent signs of the ancient history, rich culture and social life, charming surroundings and last but not least, due to its size, everything the town offers, is at your fingertips.

Historical Town Centre

About the Town
No matter from which direction you arrive to the town centre, you will have to pass the medieval fortifications anyway. These stone walls are one of the best preserved walls in the whole country.
Two Municipal Gates and several narrow lanes will lead you to the large Husovo Square, which is the heart of the historical town centre. 
The church bells measure the peaceful time of the small town. The shops offer various goods, the gardens of cafes and restaurants are packed with people in summer. The benches under the lime trees invite to a relaxing siesta.
When you look around yourself in the middle of the square, you will have most of the Beroun sights at your fingertips. So, what do we have here?
Two originally Gothic towers - gates in the town fortification system. An ornate town hall from the early 20th century.  A church, which made Beroun one of the stops on the famous pilgrimate route - the Way of St. James to Santiago de Compostela.
The Renaissance facades of the burgher´s houses, behind whose walls not only people live, but where also ghosts from the old stories dwell.
For sure this town with its hundreds years history hides some secret treasures. The square is guarded by three stone statues: Master Jan Hus, who gave his name to the whole area, a Slavic hero Záboj who commemorates the soldiers killed in WW I and a fountain with St. Jan Nepomucký.
The green hills landscape surrounds the town. Only a few towns offer such panoramic views of the countryside from the town centre.
The square is surrounded by neat narrow lanes, that are worth visiting, for example the small houses of Zámečnická street near the northern part of the town walls.

Behind the City Walls

About the Town
After taking pleasure in the historical town centre, take a stroll behind the town gates.
When walking in the East direction you can see a romantic beauty spot on an artificial arm of the Berounka river called Čertovka with several former mills. A journey to the South will lead you to the central train and bus station. You can continue to mythical town of Tetín or to the Koněprusy caves.
The setting sun will show you the way to the Bear Reserve and the observation tower located at the top of the Town Mountain. Do not miss the City Cinema and the beautifully restored Plzeňka House of Culture. The only remaining direction - the North will take you upstream the old river, which got its name after the Beroun town. This way you will get to Černý vršek, a garden suburb with the City Library and many architecturally interesting villas. Those of you who would like to keep walking can continue through Brdatka Valley to Talich’s villa, to the miracle spring of water near The Chapel of the Virgin Marry of Sorrows or even further to the Děd observation tower. No wonder, that after the long walk you don’t feel like travelling back home. Beroun town offers wide range of accommodation - from 4* hotels, family run guesthouses to a campsite.