Plague Column

Beroun Sights and Attractions
It was built in 1681 in memory of the victims ot the plague that raged in the town in 1680. On the walls of the small chapel there are glazed pictures of the Virgin Mary, St. Wenceslas, St. John of Nepomuk and St. Ludmila dating back to 1936. Address: Seydlovo náměstí, Beroun

Deanery Premises

Beroun Sights and Attractions Church Monuments
The Baroque style multi-storey building was built in 1737 in place of the original gothic building destroyed by fire. The so-called Chaplain´s House, which was reconstructed at the beginning of the 20th century, is part of the premises. On its facade there is a commemoration plaque to the awakener and historian, Beroun native dean P. Josef Antonín Seydl, by the sculptor Zdeněk Dvořák. Dean Seydl hosted numerous of his awakener friends, e. g. František Palacký and Šebestián Hněvkovský.
There is a Late Baroque pavilion in the garden of the deanery. Address: Seydlovo náměstí 24, Beroun

House No. 41, Husovo Square

Beroun Sights and Attractions
This originally Baroque burgher´s house was later rebuilt in Classicist style. Two big Gothic cellars under the building have been preserved.  The Fuss family owned the house starting from the mid 17th century. The most famous of them, František Antonín, was a significant Czech agricultural expert and secretary of the Patriotic Economic Society.
A military prison was establish in the house for a short time after the arrival of the millitary garrison in Beroun in 1779. Address: Husovo náměstí 41, Beroun

House No. 43, Husovo Square

Beroun Sights and Attractions
The Baroque burgher´s house was adopted in 1912 for the needs of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession (today the Evangelical Church of the Czech Brethren).
A new gable was built onto the builiding in 1938. The sculptor Zdeněk Dvořák painter Miloš Antonovič and Beroun native, architect Jan Slavík created the decorations of the gable. Address: Husovo náměstí 43, Beroun

Monument to Master Jan Hus

Beroun Sights and Attractions
The monument was built in 1908 by the Society for Building the Monument of Master Jan Hus. The monument is the work of Beroun natives František Velíšek and Josef Kvasnička. Address: Husovo náměstí, Beroun