The Talich tourist path

Beroun Educational Trails and Prilgrimage Routes
The Talich tourist trail was named in honour of the excellent conductor and tourism enthusiast Václav Talich who stayed here, and was opened in October 2012 on the occasion of the 30th year of the International Music Festival - Talich´s Beroun. The five-kilometre long track leads visitors through the Brdatky Valley along the side of Ostrý hill, where there used to be a wooden gasebo constructed in 1891 by the manufacturer Martin Dusl. Tha path from Ostrý hill leads to the village of Zdejcina which is noted from the first time as Kdyčina in 1325. Nearby is Lísek, where coal was extracted from 1810. The road continues to the peak of Děd hill (492 m), formerly called White Mountain. There is an observation tower dating from 1893, which is 12 m high. From the Děd peak, the path leads along the crest to the Chapel of the Virgin Mary of Sorrows.

School Educational Trail Talich Valley-Brdatka

Beroun Educational Trails and Prilgrimage Routes
The trail is located North of Beroun at hillside of the Ostrý hill, where, in the 19th century, Joachim Barrande, the well known paleontologist used to collect fossils.
The trail is 3 km long with 20 informational pannels informs visitors about the local fauna and flora.
The trail leads through a romantic valley named in honor of the significant Czech conductor Václav Talich, who had his originally summer residence and later his home here. Václav Talich used to keep himsel fit by hiking in the local woods. He even put stones and bricks in his backpack to make his hikes more challenging. Coordinates: 49.9776125, 14.0573147

Vojta Náprstek Trail

Educational Trails and Prilgrimage Routes
The oldest preserved marked tourist trail in the Czech Republic. It bears the name of the founder of the Czech Tourism Club. The red marked tourist trail will lead you from Beroun to Svatý Jan pod Skalou and further to Karlštejn. The overall lenght of the trail is 13 km. Coordinates: 49.9636458, 14.0727914

Tetín Viewpoints I.

Tetín Educational Trails and Prilgrimage Routes
There are 5 stops on this trail, which give you detailed information about history and attractivities of  the Tetín town. 
The trail leads mainly through the streets of Tetín and is not marked. The first panel can be found on 9th May square. Each panel contains a small map with the trail and its stops clearly marked.
Access to Tetín Castle, where St. Ludmila had been murdered, is by a narrow path. There is a stunning view of the Berounka valley, from the castle remnants. Coordinates: 49.9497458, 14.1014128

Svatý Jan Circuit Educational Trail

Svatý Jan pod Skalou Educational Trails and Prilgrimage Routes
The trail is located in the Karlštejn Nature Reserve and is 4 km long. It starts by the Svatý Jan pod Skalou Monastery, via the top of the cliff, the Solvay Mines and via the Propadlé vody gorge back to the monastery. It consists of 10 stops. Coordinates: 49.9694953, 14.1341483