Městská Hora Hill

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Městská hora (Town Mountain) is located in the centreof the town. Mighty advanced fortifications were built in the Middle Age on a hill with a height of 291 m above sea level. It used to be called the Priest Mouuntain (Kněží hora) according to the large area of land owned by the church. Thanks to the care provided by the Decoration Society and the Czech Tourist Club starting in the 1880s, the Town Mountain was gradually converted into a forest park. A fifteen-metre reinforced concrete gazebo was built in 1936 over the municipal water conduit reservoir. In 2000, the city built a bear yard on Town Mountain, in which it breeds three of its heraldic animals. Nowadays, there is only one of them left -  Kuba - the two bears sadly died. Vojta in 2016 and Matěj in 2023.
The peaceful woodland park offers two childrens´ playgrounds and a stall selling refreshment.

The Talich tourist path

Beroun Educational Trails and Prilgrimage Routes
The Talich tourist trail was named in honour of the excellent conductor and tourism enthusiast Václav Talich who stayed here, and was opened in October 2012 on the occasion of the 30th year of the International Music Festival - Talich´s Beroun. The five-kilometre long track leads visitors through the Brdatky Valley along the side of Ostrý hill, where there used to be a wooden gasebo constructed in 1891 by the manufacturer Martin Dusl. Tha path from Ostrý hill leads to the village of Zdejcina which is noted from the first time as Kdyčina in 1325. Nearby is Lísek, where coal was extracted from 1810. The road continues to the peak of Děd hill (492 m), formerly called White Mountain. There is an observation tower dating from 1893, which is 12 m high. From the Děd peak, the path leads along the crest to the Chapel of the Virgin Mary of Sorrows.

Křivoklát Castle

Křivoklát Castles and Chateaus
An important seat of the Czech kings and princes, this is one of the oldest and most significant Gothic castles in the Czech Republic. The castle was established in the 13th century by King Wenceslas I. Gotthic art displays are presented in the Kings´and the Royal Hall. 
Originally it was a hunting castle. Its appearance was shaped by the Přemyslids, Luxembourgs and Jagiellons. The castle became a magnificent royal residence, and later a feared prison under the Fürstenbergs. 
Today the tours include the Gothic Castle Chapel, the Royal and Knight's Halls with a collection of medieval art and the Library with 52,000 volumes, as well as the Fürstenberg museum, the Great Tower with hunting collections and Huderka Tower with a black kitchen and lookout gallery. 

by car 24 km

by train 40 min.

by bike 23 km Coordinates: 50.0378419, 13.8722575

Koněprusy Caves

Koněprusy Nature Attractions
The Koněprusy Caves form the largest karst cave system in Bohemia. Visitors can admire the unique sinter formation known as the Organ, the remarkable profile of the Old Passageway, and the largest Prošek Dome with some famous discoveries of prehistoric skeletons.
The top level housed a secret workshop of money forgers in the 15th century.
Guided tours are performed only in the Czech language. Foreign visitors can borrow written guide or download an app.
The tour lenght is 620 meters, with 533 stairs (83 screw stairs in the end of the tour). The average air temperature is 10,5°C and 96 - 100% air humidity.
An educational trail Zlatý Kůň leads near the caves.
Since April 2024 The Czech Karst House of Nature, located at the entrance of the caves, informs the public in various ways about the phenomena of the Czech Karst protected area; the key feature is a permanent interactive indoor and outdoor exhibition about the nature and landscape of the protected area. It provides instructional and educational programmes for visitors and schools as well. Coordinates: 49.9151278, 14.0673389

School Educational Trail Talich Valley-Brdatka

Beroun Educational Trails and Prilgrimage Routes
The trail is located North of Beroun at hillside of the Ostrý hill, where, in the 19th century, Joachim Barrande, the well known paleontologist used to collect fossils.
The trail is 3 km long with 20 informational pannels informs visitors about the local fauna and flora.
The trail leads through a romantic valley named in honor of the significant Czech conductor Václav Talich, who had his originally summer residence and later his home here. Václav Talich used to keep himsel fit by hiking in the local woods. He even put stones and bricks in his backpack to make his hikes more challenging. Coordinates: 49.9776125, 14.0573147