Trilobit Awards

Beroun Regular Events
The Trilobit Awards is an anual event celebrating Czech audio-visual film and TV production. The event takes place in January and is organised by FITES, the Beroun Municipality, and the Beroun Municipal Cultural Centre at Plzeňka Centre. The show is broadcast live on the Art Channel of Czech Television.


Beroun Regular Events
Since 2018 the Municipal Cinema Beroun has been one of the places showing Febiofest festival films - the Regional Echoes. Coordinates: 49.9640542, 14.0703553

Beroun Cake Festival

Beroun Regular Events
A regular May festival presenting Folklore Bands from the whole country and abroad, festive May parades, theatre and performances for children takes place at Joachim Barrande Square. The best pastry competition takes place here. The winner of the competition traditionally gets a smoke pork leg form local butchers Alfery.

1st weekend of May

Promenáda Bohéma

Beroun Regular Events
The promenade of local artists, musicians, actors and craftsmen on Joachim Barrande square. Accompanying programme to the Walls of Beroun event.

The Royal Procession

Regular Events
The traditional Royal Procession carrying the Crown Jewels start from Prague-Radotín and goes via Černošice, Dobřichovice to Karlštejn. Since 2016 The Delegation of Stephen II of Bavaria walk from z Králův Dvůr via Beroun and Tetín. On the second dyz both processions meet in Karlštejn.