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In 1914, the builder Josef Jelínek built a cinematographic theatre on the side of the town moat. It was opened to public under the name Bio Excelsior. It has existed in the same building to this day. Sound motion pictures were shown here from 1930, after the installation of the sound apparatus. The cinema was nationalised in 1945 and the Bio Excelsior became the Stalindgrad Cinema. In 1957, the cinema underwent modernisation, wide-screen projection of movies was introduced and the cinema passed into the ownership of the city. In 1968 it was renamed the Mír Cinema. Its current name is the Beroun Municipal Cinema. Currently, it is the only cinema in the region with 3D projection and is equipped with a modern Dolby Digital Surround EX sound system. Address: Politických vězňů 455, Beroun

Municipal and Summer Cinemas of Beroun

Beroun Beroun Cinema

kino MÍR                                                                       
Politických vězňů 445, Beroun                                                                                  



Summer Cinema
Na kaplance 749 / 10, Beroun            

in Summer months